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    Subject[PATCH 00/20] Staging: hv: Cleanup-storage-drivers-phase-II

    This patch-set restructures and cleans up struct hv_storvsc_request.
    In the current code, two data structures: struct hv_storvsc_request
    and struct storvsc_request_extension together are used to carry
    the I/O state and there are many issues with this current

    1) The memory for extension data structure
    is allocatted just after the data buffer
    field in struct hv_storvsc_request resulting in comments
    such as this in struct blkvsc_request (blkvsc_drv.c):

    * !!!DO NOT ADD ANYTHING BELOW HERE!!! Otherwise, memory can overlap,
    * because - The extension buffer falls right here and is pointed to by
    * request.Extension;
    * Which sounds like a horrible idea, who designed this?

    2) State is unnecessarily replicated in both struct hv_storvsc_request
    and the struct vstor_packet that is embedded in
    struct storvsc_request_extension.

    This patch-set addresses the above issues by geting rid of replicated
    state and consolidating all necessary state into a single data structure.
    We also deal with a range of other cleanups in this patch-set:

    1) Use completion primitives to wait for completion.
    2) Get rid of the synch primitive in struct blkvsc_request
    3) Get rid of the need for struct hv_device to be the first
    element of struct host_device_context.


    K. Y

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