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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 APM: delete Linux kernel APM support
    > >  > > Beyond the lack of a upstream-visible feature-removal-schedule entry, we 
    > > > > still have an Arcnet driver which hardware was obsoleted by Ethernet in the
    > > > > late 80s, and we still have i486 support and those are *much* older than
    > > > > APM.

    > > So how does your reasoning not apply to those drivers? There's several which
    > > are older than APM support.

    If we follow-through with the proposed cpuidle changes,
    then we'll have to cut APM code. The problem isn't cutting
    the code, it is testing it. I do have a couple of 15-year old
    laptops which include APM support. However, with ACPI disabled
    to enable APM, they don't even boot the upstream kernel today.

    > > We had this really big battle about x86/Voyager two years ago, which x86
    > > subarchitecture literally had just a single user left, and the code was more
    > > intrusive than APM. Even there after much flaming the eventual consensus was
    > > that we'd accept it back if it was done cleanly, as part of the new-style
    > > x86_platform code.
    > >
    > > Given that APM fits into the current PM frameworks there's no such problem here
    > > that i can see.

    Somebody was pushing for Voyager support in the kernel
    and was energetic about maintaining it.


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