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SubjectRE: [PATCH 0/7] char/mei: Intel MEI Driver
>For a simple example, look at drivers/watchdog/riowd.c (most other files in
>that directory do as well), just replace the riowd_writereg() function in
>with one that calls an exported function from your hardware. This should
>really be trivial to do.

our Watchdog is a FW Client (FW Feature) so in order to communicate with it
we need
use the MEI Driver functions. (Send Connect Message, Send and Recv Data).
AFAIK, I can't use sys_open/sys_write to communicate with the MEI Driver, I
need to expose
functions that handles all of that communication, right?

>> So you need to add support to the watchdog infrastructure for this?
>> For some reason I thought you could kick the watchdog from within
>> kernel code, did I get this wrong?

>A watchdog must be triggered from user space, in Linux we do this by
>to /dev/watchdog. If you did it from kernel space, the watchdog would not
>detect the case where the system is half-broken and still able to trigger
>watchdog, but not do much beyond that.

The Intel AMT Watchdog is not like a regular Watchdog, our interface is
like regular watchdog (set timeout API, ping API and etc..)
But when the watchdog expired the system will not be reboot, the AMT
Watchdog is sending a OOB Message/Event
to remote management console and the console software can decide what to do.
(it can notify the operator to check why
the system hangs, it can send a OOB reboot command to reboot the hang system
and etc...)


Oren Weil - Intel Corporation.

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