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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/8] job control: Don't set group_stop exit_code if re-entering job control stop
On 03/08, Tejun Heo wrote:

Hi Tejun,

I hope you still remember you sent these patches, perhaps you can
even recall what they should do ;)

> @@ -1827,10 +1827,27 @@ static int do_signal_stop(int signr)
> unlikely(signal_group_exit(sig)))
> return 0;
> /*
> - * There is no group stop already in progress.
> - * We must initiate one now.
> + * There is no group stop already in progress. We must
> + * initiate one now.
> + *
> + * While ptraced, a task may be resumed while group stop is
> + * still in effect and then receive a stop signal and
> + * initiate another group stop. This deviates from the
> + * usual behavior as two consecutive stop signals can't
> + * cause two group stops when !ptraced.
> + *
> + * The condition can be distinguished by testing whether
> + * SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED is already set. Don't generate
> + * group_exit_code in such case.
> + *
> + * This is not necessary for SIGNAL_STOP_CONTINUED because
> + * an intervening stop signal is required to cause two
> + * continued events regardless of ptrace.
> */
> - sig->group_exit_code = signr;
> + if (!(sig->flags & SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED))
> + sig->group_exit_code = signr;
> + else
> + WARN_ON_ONCE(!task_ptrace(current));

Yes. But WARN_ON_ONCE() is wrong. Suppose that the tracee was stopped,
then PTRACE_CONT'ed, then it gets another SIGSTOP and reports it. Now
suppose that debugger does PTRACE_CONT(SIGSTOP) and exits before the
tracee processes this signal.

OTOH, this WARN_ON_ONCE() makes sense, but we should fix __ptrace_unlink().
This path should take siglock and check SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED unconditionally.
This should also fix other problems with detach && SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED.

Also. We should take ->group_stop_count != 0 into account, we should not
set (change) ->group_exit_code in this case too. This is is only "real"
problem in this patch I can see. Other comments are mostly the random

But lets look at the code below,

for (t = next_thread(current); t != current;
t = next_thread(t)) {
t->group_stop &= ~GROUP_STOP_SIGMASK;
* Setting state to TASK_STOPPED for a group
* stop is always done with the siglock held,
* so this check has no races.
if (!(t->flags & PF_EXITING) && !task_is_stopped(t)) {
t->group_stop |= signr | gstop;
signal_wake_up(t, 0);
} else {

Somehow I no longer understand "else task_clear_group_stop_pending()".
I mean, is it really needed?

If task_is_stopped() == T or it is PF_EXITING, this task has already
done task_participate_group_stop(), no?

Also. I do not think it is correct to change the "signr" part of
->group_stop (unless it is zero) when ->group_stop_count != 0
for other threads. This is minor, but still doesn't look exactly
correct. Probably we can ignore this.

Hmm. it turns out "group_stop & GROUP_STOP_SIGMASK" is only needed
to handle this special case: if debugger PTRACE_CONT's or more
stopped tracees and then som thread initiates the stop again, other
threads need to know that "signr". Otherwise this part of ->group_stop
is only valid "inside" the retry loop in do_signal_stop(), it can
be a local variable. I wonder if we can simply report SIGSTOP in
this case and kill the GROUP_STOP_SIGMASK logic. Nevermind.

And. I think this code does something we do not really want. Why do
we _always_ ask the task_is_traced() threads to participate?

2 threads T1 and T2, both stopped. they are TASK_TRACED, I mean
SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED is stopped and both have already participated.

Debuggere PTRACE_CONTs T1, then it calls do_signal_stop() again
and sets T2->group_stop = GROUP_STOP_PENDING | GROUP_STOP_CONSUME.
This T2->group_stop doesn't look right, we can report the wrong
extra CLD_STOPPED after detach while ->group_exit_code can be 0.
I think that !task_ptrace(current) case in do_signal_stop() should
take SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED into account, but perhaps we need another
GROUP_STOP_REPORTED bit, I am not sure.

Or, if debugger PTRACE_CONT's T2, it will report another
ptrace_stop(CLD_STOPPED) immediately, this differs from the current
behaviour although probably we do not care.


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