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SubjectRE: [PATCH v7 1/1] PRUSS UIO driver support
On Wed, 2 Mar 2011, TK, Pratheesh Gangadhar wrote:
> > From: Thomas Gleixner []
> > > + /* Disable interrupt */
> > > + iowrite32((val & ~intr_mask), intren_reg);
> I checked more on this and actually INTC h/w has Host Interrupt
> Enable Indexed Set Register (HIEISR) and Host Interrupt Enable Indexed
> Clear Register(HIEICR) which I can use to enable/disable interrupts
> without doing RMW. I will use these registers and then we don't need
> all the spinlock and irqcontrol stuff. So I need to do
> iowrite32((intr_bit, HIEICR);// This disable the interrupt bit
> in intern_reg.
> Userspace can use HIEISR to re-enable the interrupt.

Great, that makes it way simpler!

> > It's not the purpose of a review to tell you what you need to change
> > mechanically. Reviewers hint to a correct solution and you are
> > supposed to lookup what that solution means and act accordingly. If
> > you do not understand the hint or its implications please ask _before_
> > sending a new patch set.
> Seriously, I went to "fix the comments" mode. Sorry about that. Anyway
> I learnt more about things by making mistakes i.e. the positive side.
> Thanks a lot for helping us improve on this.



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