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SubjectRe: [PATCH x86/mm] x86-64, NUMA: Fix distance table handling

* Tejun Heo <> wrote:

> FWIW, I'm not really decided about 80 vs. whatever column issue.

It only really matters when the underlying code structure is clearly inefficient:
too many indentations, etc.

but printks or function calls that go beyond 80 cols a bit do not deserve to be

> Having a common limit definitely helps a lot but it seems almost
> impossible to agree on one - is it 90, 95, 100 or 120? Given that, it
> almost seems just sticking to 80 might be the only doable solution.

The problem is that many sensible code structures break with a limit of 80.

So i'd suggest being permissive when the code is fine (printks, function calls at
the first or second level of indentation, etc.) and being conservative when the
underlying code is not fine.



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