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Subject[PATCH] arch/tile: fix futex sanitization definition/prototype mismatch
Commit 8d7718aa082aaf30a0b4989e1f04858952f941bc changed "int"
to "u32" in the prototypes but not the definition.
I missed this when I saw the patch go by on LKML.

We cast "u32 *" to "int *" since we are tying into the underlying
atomics framework, and atomic_t uses int as its value type.

Signed-off-by: Chris Metcalf <>
arch/tile/lib/atomic_32.c | 12 ++++++------
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/arch/tile/lib/atomic_32.c b/arch/tile/lib/atomic_32.c
index f02040d..4657021 100644
--- a/arch/tile/lib/atomic_32.c
+++ b/arch/tile/lib/atomic_32.c
@@ -202,32 +202,32 @@ static inline int *__futex_setup(int __user *v)
return __atomic_hashed_lock((int __force *)v);

-struct __get_user futex_set(int __user *v, int i)
+struct __get_user futex_set(u32 __user *v, int i)
return __atomic_xchg((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), i);

-struct __get_user futex_add(int __user *v, int n)
+struct __get_user futex_add(u32 __user *v, int n)
return __atomic_xchg_add((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), n);

-struct __get_user futex_or(int __user *v, int n)
+struct __get_user futex_or(u32 __user *v, int n)
return __atomic_or((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), n);

-struct __get_user futex_andn(int __user *v, int n)
+struct __get_user futex_andn(u32 __user *v, int n)
return __atomic_andn((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), n);

-struct __get_user futex_xor(int __user *v, int n)
+struct __get_user futex_xor(u32 __user *v, int n)
return __atomic_xor((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), n);

-struct __get_user futex_cmpxchg(int __user *v, int o, int n)
+struct __get_user futex_cmpxchg(u32 __user *v, int o, int n)
return __atomic_cmpxchg((int __force *)v, __futex_setup(v), o, n);

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