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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/4] sdhci: few patches for ENE 712 support

> I prefer code upstream though so here is my split and cleanup
> of these patches. I've tested it with my ENE card. Since I am
> new to SDHCI I would prefer someone with more experience review
> these chagnes and the respective commit log messages. I've
> tried to make sense of them as best as I can. Unfortunately
> I was not given any explanation to these changes except the
> patch I got so I tried to make the best of it.

You did make the best out of it; still, you probably won't be surprised to hear
that all the patches are, well, not acceptable ;) I agree with Chris about 1/4,
I think 2-4 are for a broken card detection and there is already a quirk for
that. So you could also try dropping 2-4 and use

sdhci.debug_quirks = 0x8028

That should enable the standard quirks for this card and BROKEN_CARD. Can you
alsso please post the PCI-ID of this card? And does it make a difference if you
use the SDIO-WLAN card or a standard SD memory card?



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