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SubjectRe: Suspend/resume regression in Toshiba A11 since 2.6.34-rc4
On Friday, March 18, 2011, Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski wrote:
> This regression is old, but discovered recently. Since 2.6.34-rc4,
> a Toshiba Tecra A11 machine resumes without video for the first time.
> Here is the strange thing reported, on the first suspend/resume, when
> the machine wakes up the video is blank, but the machine is up (just the
> screen is black). If you suspend again, on second resume the video comes
> back normally.
> Helping the reporter bisecting the problem, we narrowed down the bug to
> this commit:
> commit ac7729da880e742613129ee6dea0045328670d2d
> Author: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
> Date: Mon Apr 5 01:43:51 2010 +0200
> ACPI / PM: Move ACPI video resume to a PM notifier
> And reverting this commit on 2.6.38 still made the problem go away.
> Looking at the commit above I don't saw any problem, and perhaps we have
> some bad bios here which by moving the resume of acpi video later
> triggers this bug. Also strange that on second suspend/resume everything
> is normal... (the regression here is just the video is blank on first
> resume).
> I asked the reporter to try to increase brightness logged in remotely
> when the video is blank after first resume, but this didn't have any
> effect.
> This was reported in (if reading
> I recommend to skip to comment #58 and later), I can't think of any
> solution besides trying to move acpi video resume perhaps back and
> depend on video device being resume first. I asked for more debugging
> information but got nothing unfortunately which could diagnose better
> this...

What graphics driver is used?


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