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SubjectRe: reboot/kexec in 2.6.38
Cyril Hrubis <> writes:

> Hi!
>> > I got report that  reboot/kexec does not work in recent kernels.
>> >
>> > I tried both kexec and reboot in 2.6.38, and it worked ok. Maybe
>> > config issue?
>> I think it's config issue. Never heard of this.
> I've seen that on my zaurus a month or two ago. When kexeced to pxa-linux-2.6
> then tried to kexec again. The last thing I've seen was Bye on the framebuffer
> console and the machine freezed.

The basic kexec code has been stable and solid for a long time so kexec
failures are almost always hardware interaction problems.

Someone not stopping dma, or someone not putting the hardware in a state
that the next kernel can figure out how to initialize it.

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