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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2.6.38-rc8-tip 1/20] 1: mm: Move replace_page() to mm/memory.c
    > > 
    > > As discussed in IRC, moving and removing the static attribute had to
    > > be one patch so that mm/ksm.c compiles correctly. The other option we
    > > have is to remove the static attribute first and then moving the
    > > function.
    > Hmm, maybe that may be a good idea. Since it is really two changes. One
    > is to make it global for other usages. I'm not even sure why you moved
    > it. The change log for the move can explain that.

    unlike mm/memory.c; mm/ksm.c is compiled only when CONFIG_KSM is set.
    So if we dont move it out of ksm.c; we will have to make uprobes
    dependent on CONFIG_KSM. Since replace_page is the only function we are
    interested in, its better to move it out of ksm.c, rather than
    making uprobes dependent on CONFIG_KSM.

    > -- Steve
    > >

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