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SubjectRE: [PATCH] NFC: Driver for Inside Secure MicroRead NFC chip
>Most serial drivers do this, see drivers/tty/serial for a 
>number of examples, or drivers/serial on older kernels.

Thanks, will check it.

>That would depend on your hardware. The only important part is
>that you make sure you can send out data at any time. If
>i2c_master_send() causes accesses to your buffer after
>returning, there has to be an i2c method of making sure that
>it has completed.
>If the usleep_range is trying to synchronize between the NFC
>and the I2C chip, you must wait for a notication from the NFC
>hardware that it's done.

No, it's simply there as I have been faceing i2c write error while I do two consecutive writes.
The second fails now and then. That's seems to be a chip issue. I will try to investigate this issue.

>> What's more, I guess the i2c_master_send is a synchronous call and
>> when it returnes we know it flushed data. Right?
>If i2c_master_send is synchronous, you might not need the
>usleep_range() at all. Removing that call would be entirely reasonable.

Will see how to approach that.


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