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Subjectgit bisect plus fixes (was: PATCH: Add --size-check=[error|warning])
[ adding the git list; this is ]


* Ingo Molnar wrote on Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 01:23:42PM CET:
> Also, i hope you are not suggesting to break projects just because
> they are not important to you personally? The fix is exceedingly
> simple to do for the binutils project - and impossible to do for the
> kernel project (because during bisection - which is a very powerful
> debugging tool - older versions of the source get checked out).

FWIW, I don't have an opinion on this particular binutils issue, but
it would be very helpful if 'git bisect' made it easy to denote
"when going back, you might also need some of these changes".
(I'd just use a patch -p1 with a here-file in the bisect script, but
that might not be enough for all practical use cases.)

This issue has come up several times with high-profile issues.


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