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SubjectRe: PATCH [1/1]: audit: acquire creds selectively to reduce atomic op overhead
Tony Jones <> wrote:

> I'm not seeing the 'tsk->real_cred' usage, can you clarify?

get_task_cred() and task_cred_xxxx() call __task_cred() which uses
tsk->real_cred. These are the real credentials of the process, and the ones
that are used when the process is being acted upon and the ones that are
visible through /proc.

However, if a task is acting upon something, task->cred is used instead. These
are not visible from the outside and may be overridden. current_cred_xxx()
uses these.

It's possible that the credentials being used in audit_filter_rules() are
incorrect under most circumstances and should be task->cred, not


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