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SubjectRe: ThinkPad T400 : should kernel option "reboot=pci" be hard coded ?

Pedro Ribeiro wrote at 07:01:28
> > Matthew Garrett wrote at 16:11:03
> >
> >> No, the best thing to do would be to figure out what changed to require
> >> the extra 9 seconds. Are you able to work out which the last kernel
> >> release without this timeout was?
> >

> I also have a T400, and reboot=pci solves the problem for me.
> Just tested with kernel 2.6.20 and the 9 second boot delay is still
> there. Maybe this should be hardcoded...

I'd like to point to this after a half year of lthe last email. Shouldn't it
be hard coded ?

MfG/Kind regards
Toralf Förster

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