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Subject[BUG] perf failed on multi-cpus system with multi-events specified

On a Nehalem-EX system, which has 24 CPUs, perf commands with
multi-events specified fail:

[root@intel-s3e36-01 perf]# ./perf record -e syscalls:sys_enter_sched_get_priority_min -e kmem:mm_kernel_pagefault -e workqueue:workqueue_execution -e writeback:writeback_pages_written -e kmem:mm_kernel_pagefault -e writeback:writeback_bdi_unregister -e syscalls:sys_exit_capset -e syscalls:sys_enter_sched_get_priority_min -e writeback:writeback_exec -e syscalls:sys_enter_vmsplice -e syscalls:sys_exit_mprotect -e block:block_rq_complete -e syscalls:sys_enter_readlinkat -e signal:signal_overflow_fail -e syscalls:sys_exit_sendfile64 -e block:block_bio_backmerge -e syscalls:sys_exit_unlink -e syscalls:sys_exit_keyctl -e jbd2:jbd2_submit_inode_data -e syscalls:sys_enter_tgkill -e syscalls:sys_exit_lremovexattr -e syscalls:sys_exit_munmap -e syscalls:sys_enter_mmap -e syscalls:sys_exit_sched_getparam -e syscalls:sys_exit_getpgid -e syscalls:sys_exit_clock_getres -e block:block_split -e ext4:ext4_mballoc_discard -e task-clock -e syscalls:sys_enter_sendfile64 -e syscalls:sys_enter_ptrace -e syscalls:sys_enter_nanosleep -e syscalls:sys_exit_setdomainname -e writeback:writeback_nowork -e syscalls:sys_exit_mbind -e ext4:ext4_da_write_begin -e syscalls:sys_enter_recvfrom -e syscalls:sys_enter_write -e syscalls:sys_exit_getresgid -e syscalls:sys_exit_fsync -e syscalls:sys_enter_rt_sigprocmask -e syscalls:sys_enter_getdents -e syscalls:sys_exit_semtimedop -f ls

Error: sys_perf_event_open() syscall returned with -1 (Too many open files). /bin/dmesg may provide additional information.

Fatal: No CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS=y kernel support configured?

trace-cmd: Too many open files
No memory to alloc tracepoints list
[root@intel-s3e36-01 perf]# ./perf --version
perf version 2.6.38.rc6.166.g493f33
[root@intel-s3e36-01 perf]#

On another latop which has only two CPUs, there is no this problem.
Han Pingtian
Quality Engineer
hpt @ #kernel-qe
Red Hat, Inc
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