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SubjectRe: [PATCH -V5 00/24] New ACL format for better NFSv4 acl interoperability
On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:11:45 -0500, "Ted Ts'o" <> wrote:
> Hi Aneesh,
> What is the current status of this patch series? I seem to remember
> that Christoph and Al Viro had some objections; have those been
> cleared yet? If not, can you summarize what their objections are?

The main objection raised was the use of may_delete and may_create inode
operations callback. They are gone now and we have MAY_* flags as
favoured by Al Viro. The new MAY_* flags added are

#define MAY_CREATE_FILE 128
#define MAY_CREATE_DIR 256
#define MAY_DELETE_CHILD 512
#define MAY_DELETE_SELF 1024
#define MAY_CHMOD 4096
#define MAY_SET_TIMES 8192

> To be honest I haven't been paying super close attention to this patch
> series, and I'm curious what needs to happen with it one way or
> another.

IMHO we are ready to get first 11 patches upstream in the next merge
window. ie the below set of patches.

vfs: Make acl_permission_check() work for richacls
vfs: Add permission flags for setting file attributes
vfs: Make the inode passed to inode_change_ok non-const
vfs: Add delete child and delete self permission flags
vfs: Add new file and directory create permission flags
vfs: Optimize out IS_RICHACL() if CONFIG_FS_RICHACL is not defined
vfs: Add IS_RICHACL() test for richacl support
vfs: Add generic IS_ACL() test for acl support
vfs: Add a comment to inode_permission()
vfs: Pass all mask flags down to iop->check_acl
vfs: Indicate that the permission functions take all the MAY_* flags


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