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SubjectRe: [RFC] Proposal for ptrace improvements
On Tuesday 01 March 2011 16:24, Tejun Heo wrote:
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> ...
> P3. Keep ptrace resume separate from and beneath jctl stop
> As written above, I think the current ptrace behavior, despite a lot
> of rough edges, is in the right direction in that ptrace operates
> beneath jctl. Therefore, keep the basic operation principles but
> clearly define how jctl and ptrace interacts, or rather, how they
> don't. The following two rules clearly separate jctl and ptrace.
> * jctl stop initiates when one of the stop signals is received and
> completes when all the member tasks participate in the group stop,
> where participation preciesly means that a member task stops in
> do_signal_stop(). Any member task can only participate once in any
> given group stop. ptrace does NOT make any difference in this
> regard.

This proposal adds a new rule for handling of stop notification
by debuggers. Let's spell it out, because currently strace
doesn't act according to this new rule:

"When waitpid indicates stop on a *stop* signal, then it may be either:
* a signal delivery (strace will inject this signal with PTRACE_SYSCALL(sig));
* or it may be a stop notification, in which case strace *must not*
try to inject this signal (this would be a bug, it'd make task running).
Instead, strace should just go back to waiting in waitpid().

These two possibilities can be distinquished by querying
errors out - stop notification is not a signal delivery
and therefore it has no siginfo."

This is easy to implement (in strace at least).

> * However, PTRACE_DETACH should maintain the integrity of group stop.
> After a tracee is detached, it should be in a state which is
> conformant to the current jctl state. If jctl stop is in effect,
> the task should be put into TASK_STOPPED; otherwise, TASK_RUNNING.

This means that without changes to gdb, this:

# gdb -p pid_of_application_currently_in_jctl_stop
(gdb) print getpid()
(gdb) print show_me_your_internal_debug_dump()
(gdb) continue

will make application run, whereas this:

# gdb -p pid_of_application_currently_in_jctl_stop
(gdb) print getpid()
(gdb) print show_me_your_internal_debug_dump()
(gdb) quit

will leave application stopped. This looks a bit inconsistent to me.

Do you propose gdb to be chaged so that "continue" command
issues PTRACE_CONT only if gdb knows that application is not
in jctl stop?


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