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Subject[REGRESSION] tpm_tis on Lenovo T410 broken in 2.6.38-rc6

TPM is working for me so I can log into employer's network in 2.6.37.
It broke when I tried 2.6.38-rc6, with the following relevant lines from
my dmesg:

[ 11.081627] tpm_tis 00:0b: 1.2 TPM (device-id 0x0, rev-id 78)
[ 25.734114] tpm_tis 00:0b: Operation Timed out
[ 78.040949] tpm_tis 00:0b: Operation Timed out

This caused me to get suspicious, especially since the _other_ TPM
commit in 2.6.38 had already been reverted, so I tried reverting commit
c4ff4b829e: "TPM: Long default timeout fix". With this commit
reverted, my TPM on my Lenovo T410 is once again working.

Given how late we are in the 2.6.38-rc cycle, maybe we should revert
this commit in Linus's tree?

- Ted

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