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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/6] perf script: dump software events too
2011/3/1 David Ahern <>:
> I don't follow what you mean.
> This is the same place that tracepoints are dumped. In the
> PERF_TYPE_TRACEPOINT case process_event == print_event which dumps the
> lines to stdout.

No it's not. scripting_ops can be either default_scripting_ops,
or python_scripting_ops.

Hence process_sample_event() doesn't necessarily ends up pretty print events.
It can also invoke a script that may decide to do what it wants with events.

pretty printing must be an endpoint decision.

> I came in added a switch that invokes a different handler for software
> events. Software events will be processed differently than tracepoint.
> The print_event function and its pretty_print function are not designed
> to dump software events (and eventually hardware events).

Why shouldn't it be designed to dump software events? It's called print_event().
Its current version is rather something I would call "limited". But it
was not designed
to be limited.

Ideally, we should have print_tracepoint_event() in
trace-event-parse.c, print_software_event()
where you want, and have print_event() in builtin-script.c that wraps on those.

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