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SubjectRe: I do not know if this is the correct place to ask about this but...
On 8 February 2011 20:52, Clemens Ladisch <> wrote:
> dave b wrote:
>> I do not know if this is the correct place to ask about this but...
>> [Hardware Error]:
> This is a hardware error that was detected by the kernel.
>> I have only seen the following output output twice
>> ... Corrected error
>> ... L3 ECC data cache error.
> There was a wrong bit in your CPU's level 3 cache, but with the help of
> the redundant error correction bits, this was caught and corrected.

Yep I got that.

> (If possible, enable background scrubbing of the caches in the BIOS ECC
> settings to catch these errors earlier.)

Ok I will look into that.

> If this is an overclocked CPU or one with an unlocked core, you deserve
> what you got.  Otherwise, if this happens repeatedly, it indicates
> a hardware defect, and your warranty should cover this.

Ok fair enough.

The cpu is not overclocked.
I forgot to list the hardware specifications:
cpu is a AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
running on a ASUS M4A88TD-M motherboard.
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