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SubjectRe: ext4: Fix data corruption with multi-block writepages support
On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 10:40:47PM +0000, Matt wrote:
> So that means that the file-corruption which existed until 2.6.37-rc6
> and got triggered (for me) more easily via "dm crypt: scale to
> multiple CPUs"
> is fixed now ?

Well, a patch exists for it that will be merged into 2.6.38.

> That should give ext4 a nice speedup for >=2.6.38 :)

I'm not going to make it be the default for 2.6.38, since it's fairly
late in the -rc features. People who want it can explicitly enable it
using the mount option mblk_io_submit, though. (And let me know your
success stories! :-) I will be enabling it as the default in

> Reported-by: Matthias Bayer <jackdachef <at> gmail <dot> com >


- Ted

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