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    SubjectRe: zcache and kztmem combine to become the new zcache
    (Sorry, forgot to CC Dan)

    On 02/05/2011 01:24 PM, Nitin Gupta wrote:
    > To zcache and kztmem users/reviewers --
    > We, Nitin and Dan, have decided to combine zcache and kztmem and
    > call the resulting work as zcache.
    > Since kztmem has evolved further than zcache, we have agreed to
    > use the kztmem code as the foundation for future work, so Dan will
    > resubmit the kztmem patchset soon with the name changed to zcache.
    > Since both the "old zcache" and "new zcache" depend on the proposed
    > cleancache patch, Nitin and Dan will jointly work with the Linux
    > maintainers to support merging of cleancache, and also work together
    > on possibilities for merging frontswap and zram, since they serve
    > a similar function.
    > If you have any questions or concerns, please ensure you reply
    > to both of us.
    > Nitin Gupta and Dan Magenheimer

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