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    SubjectRe: [Stable-review] [28/70] staging: brcm80211: bugfix for softmac crash on multi cpu configurations
    Hi Greg,

    >> So, what should I do here? Drop the referenced patch from the
    >> .37-stable queue, or do you have the text for the changelog that I
    >> should use here instead?
    >> confused,
    > Dito here. I submitted a patch for the stable kernel and Roland did one
    > (if I am correct). I have no clue how his commit message came with my
    > patch or vice versa.

    Let me try to clear up part of the confusion.

    The short story is: for some mysterious reason, a patch exists that is a
    mixup of two patches (one from Arend and one from me). It contains the
    commit message from me, but the file changes from Arend. This 'hybrid'
    patch was submitted for review by you. This patch did not make it yet
    into the 2.6.37-stable tree.

    Also, neither Arends nor my Patch ended up in the 2.6.37-stable tree.

    To fix this problem, I think that this hybrid patch has to be review
    rejected. Next, new patches have to be created based on Rolands patch
    (6a3be6e6e7feb4cb35275475d6a863b748d59cc3, as submitted into
    gregkh/staging-2.6.git::staging-linus branch) as well as Arends patch
    (d062d44a8386c82c06e483f0c0d1124ba3cab2c8). These patches would then
    have to be reviewed for the 2.6.37-stable tree.

    -------------- Long story follows:

    Both Arend and I submitted a patch for the 2.6.38 tree
    (gregkh/staging-2.6.git). The commits were:

    commit d062d44a8386c82c06e483f0c0d1124ba3cab2c8
    Author: Arend van Spriel <>
    Date: Fri Jan 21 13:34:15 2011 +0100
    staging: brcm80211: remove assert to avoid panic since 2.6.37 kernel


    commit 6a3be6e6e7feb4cb35275475d6a863b748d59cc3
    Author: Roland Vossen <>
    Date: Tue Jan 25 11:51:56 2011 +0100
    staging: brcm80211: bugfix for softmac crash on multi cpu configurations

    Rolands patch was added to the 2.6.37 tree since I got the following
    email from you:

    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Patch "staging: brcm80211: bugfix for softmac crash on multi
    cpu configurations" has been added to the 2.6.37-stable tree
    Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 15:06:28 -0800
    From: <>
    To: Roland Vossen <>, Arend Van Spriel
    <>, Brett Rudley <>,
    "" <>
    -------- /Original Message --------

    I do not see a similar email for Arends patch.

    Now something strange happened: I see a patch that is a hybrid: I bears
    Rolands patch title with Rolands commit message, but the files touched
    are related to Arends patch. See:;a=blob;f=review-2.6.37/staging-brcm80211-bugfix-for-softmac-crash-on-multi-cpu-configurations.patch;h=e0315e2ecaf4671256c39a491b2b623ade9d0e7b;hb=HEAD

    I checked if my file changes are present in the 2.6.37 stable tree,
    which I would expect, but they are not, at least not when I look at:;a=blob;f=drivers/staging/brcm80211/sys/wl_mac80211.c;h=cb2041a61d78a78eea4ff8a71896ba2cff21bcda;hb=HEAD

    Arends changes are also not present in the 2.6.37 stable tree:;a=blob;f=drivers/staging/brcm80211/sys/wlc_mac80211.c;h=feaffcc64ec6f7889168d2de1a811d867a2f91a8;hb=HEAD

    Bye, Roland.

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