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SubjectRe: Mass udp flow reboot linux with RealTek RTL-8169 Gigabit
Hans Nieser <> :
> With your patches applied to 2.6.38-rc6, I have gathered some of the
> info you requested from Seblu as well, I hope it's helpful:
> 1: see attachment


The chipset requires no trivial last minute regression fix (yet).

> 2: I'm not sure how to check the size of the packets, but I'm just
> fetching a (large) file over http/tcp, so I guess they are mostly of the
> size of my MTU which is 1500 looking at ifconfig output


Your testcases are always based on a real download, whence including some
disk activity, as opposed to a pure network test, right ?

> For the other vmstat/ethtool/interrupts output, I started the following
> commands remotely via ssh a second or two before starting the download,
> and the machine locked up a few seconds later:

SysRq is enabled (/etc/sysctl.conf::kernel.sysrq = 1), the computer was
switched back on a no-X console before the test. Then the keyboard leds
ignore keypresses and the sysrq keys don't display anything in the
console, right ?

You may enable PCIEASPM_DEBUG, force 'pcie_aspm=off' and switch from
SLUB to SLAB but it's a bit cargo-cultish.

A bisection could help. Bisecting 2.6.35 .. may be enough if works well.


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