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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] debugfs: only allow root access to debugging interfaces
> What system do you proposed to keep these "stupid mistakes" from
> continuing to happen? If debugfs had already been mode 0700, we could have
> avoided all of these CVEs, including the full-blown local root escalation.

And all sorts of features would have put themselves in sysfs instead and
broken no doubt.

> The "no rules" approach to debugfs is not a good idea, IMO.

It's a debugging fs, it needs to be "no rules" other than the obvious
"don't mount it on production systems"

Anyway - we don't mostly have a "root/non-root" model - it went out
around Linux 1.2. So any model for dealing with should be respecting of
capabilities, SELinux and the like.

Or of course you could just chmod it 0700 in the distro !

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