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SubjectRe: Update to
On 02/21/2011 12:52 PM, Mariusz Kozlowski wrote:
>> I'm not saying it's complete. I'm just saying I exhumed it, gave it a
>> good scrub, applied the interocitor to the bolts on its' neck, and sent
>> it lurching towards the village...
>> Opinions?
> Very useful if updated. I can now remove some portion of my kernel related
> bookmarks.

Thanks. I can set up a cron job, but in reality it looks prettier than
it actually is.

Part of the problem is that "make htmldocs" doesn't reliably build
between about -rc1 and -rc4 or so. It's usually not part of anybody's
regression testing, and when it DOES fail the output is usually crazy
stuff like:

xmlto: /home/landley/linux/linux/Documentation/DocBook/80211.xml does
not validate (status 3)
xmlto: Fix document syntax or use --skip-validation option
/home/landley/linux/linux/Documentation/DocBook/80211.xml:13074: element
chapter: validity error : Element chapter content does not follow the
DTD, expecting (chapterinfo? , (title , subtitle? , titleabbrev?) , (toc
| lot | index | glossary | bibliography)* , tocchap? , (((calloutlist |
glosslist | itemizedlist | orderedlist | segmentedlist | simplelist |
variablelist | caution | important | note | tip | warning |
literallayout | programlisting | programlistingco | screen | screenco |
screenshot | synopsis | cmdsynopsis | funcsynopsis | classsynopsis |
fieldsynopsis | constructorsynopsis | destructorsynopsis |
methodsynopsis | formalpara | para | simpara | address | blockquote |
graphic | graphicco | mediaobject | mediaobjectco | informalequation |
informalexample | informalfigure | informaltable | equation | example |
figure | table | msgset | procedure | sidebar | qandaset | anchor |
bridgehead | remark | highlights | abstract | authorblurb | epigraph |
indexterm | beginpage)+ , (sect1* | refentry* | simplesect* | section*))
| sect1+ | refentry+ | simplesect+ | section+) , (toc | lot | index |
glossary | bibliography)*), got (title sect1 sect1 refentry )
Document /home/landley/linux/linux/Documentation/DocBook/80211.xml does
not validate

Which means what, exactly? (That particular example was from last week,
it's been fixed since upstream. I added --skip-validation to my xmlto
invocation because more stuff built. There are still two blank entries
in are because their builds broke. I
should pull and run it again and see if those build now...)

Oh, another fun thing is that my Documentation index is created from the
00-INDEX files when those exist, and there's usually version skew
between that file and the directory contents.

I have a which finds the
files it lists which don't exist and the files which exist but aren't
listed. The current list of files 00-INDEX says exist, but aren't at
that location, is:

404 errors:

The list of files which exist but aren't in a 00-INDEX is crazy long so
I won't post it here. (I can if you're interested...)

I'll probably get around to chipping away at some of that, but first I
need to do a proper 2010 OLS paper index. (And that's just a
chronological index. A _topic_ index is a huge undertaking. I did a
quick search for the NFS guys last night and came up with 7 papers, and
I haven't even checked 2010 yet. I'm only even considering an OLS paper
topic index because I'd only have to _update_ it once a year, so the
work involved is at least finite...)


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