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    SubjectRE: 2.6.38-rc2: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 2d on CPU 0.
    > > Since a previous BIOS version is known to work I may end up having to do
    > > some BIOS-bisecting today...
    > Ryan,
    > Cant say that this patch ( worked
    > for me since I am not able to reproduce the problem quite reliably and now
    > not getting the problem even under the original kernel without this patch.
    > Just wondering what triggers this problem.

    I found that even with downgrading to the same BIOS as the working systems,
    the problem on the newer SR2500 systems remains! There must have been a
    recent change in the hardware causing this, or some arcane BIOS setting
    that I am overlooking. I still need to rule out our PCI hardware as the
    source of the problem, since PCI parity errors seem to be a usual source
    of NMIs, but I thought there would be a standard error code in that case...

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