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SubjectRe: s2disk regression (TPM)
On 02/20/2011 08:48 AM, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

> On Sunday, February 20, 2011, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
>> No, and the author and maintainer have not been responding. If that contiunes,I'll simply ask Linus to revert it.
Sorry, but you sent the email this Friday, I didn't catch it in time and I wasn't working during the weekend.

> BTW, the first hunk from that commit in drivers/char/tpm/tpm.c seems to be
> completely broken:
> @@ -577,9 +577,11 @@ duration:
> if (rc)
> return;
> - if (be32_to_cpu(tpm_cmd.header.out.return_code)
> - != 3 * sizeof(u32))
> + if (be32_to_cpu(tpm_cmd.header.out.return_code) != 0 ||
> + be32_to_cpu(tpm_cmd.header.out.length)
> + != sizeof(tpm_cmd.header.out) + sizeof(u32) + 3 * sizeof(u32))
> return;
> +
> duration_cap =&tpm_cmd.params.getcap_out.cap.duration;
> chip->vendor.duration[TPM_SHORT] =
> usecs_to_jiffies(be32_to_cpu(duration_cap->tpm_short));
> Namely, either the old code always returned as a result of the conditional
> being removed, or the new code will always return as a result of
> the (... != 0) check. I wonder if there's supposed to be (... == 0) instead?
The previous code was checking the wrong field of the TPM returned buffer, probably
due an old commit that incorporated the tpm_cmd strucuture, it should check if the return code
is != 0, which if true, means that the command didn't succeed. The output length check should be
just a sanity check, so indeed the logical operator should be&& instead. Although it should also be
fixed, I don't think this is the cause, since in case the timeout retrieval from the TPM fail,
the device driver falls back to default values, which has been working before this commit.

> [And why not to simply use 4*sizeof(u32) FWIW?]
I can't see why, I'll update it.

The failure for this specific board then sounds to be due the TPM returning inconsistent timeout values.
Norbert, can 'cat /sys/devices/pnp0/00\:0*/timeouts' and send the output?


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