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SubjectFwd: perf report/stat and symbolic event names
Hey Arnaldo, Stephane suggested I mail you for this feature request to
the perf tool.
When I collect a "raw" event using perf record, perf report's output
is pretty useless.  E.g.:
# Events: 833  raw 0x3d500a0
So when I collect multiple events, I have to refer to the command line
used to collect the profile and line up the event flags to figure out
what I was collecting.  With multiple collection runs, this can become
quite confusing.
The file doesn't seem to have the symbolic name of the event present.
Do you think it would be reasonable to add a field to the profile to
include the symbolic description of the event as it was given on the
command line (e.g., "RS_UOPS_DISPATCHED:u:i:e:c=3")?
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