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SubjectRE: Backporting other subsystems on Linux
Hi Luis,

Thank you for the detailed explanation!

I just started to explore potential options of backporting USB subsystems. Currently I'm not at the point where I'm ready to backport drivers. I'll work on that later.

>> The next question you have which you have not asked me yet is how do you
>> cherry picks or patches not upstream. For that I have added three
>> they are self described by their names with a URL to their respective
>> * linux-next-cherry-picks/
>> * linux-next-pending/
>> * pending-stable/
>> What I really need to get to at some point is to use implement a
>> menuconfig thingy, we already drag the Kconfigs in but use for
>> makefile/dependency mapping. Patches welcomed.
Well, I actually didn't have that question in mind. :) I read the README files in these folders and I totally agree that there should not be patches under these 3 folders. I think compat-wireless should just fulfill the function of backporting a driver from a (stable) kernel to an old kernel. Not adding additional patches. Driver developers should strive to make important patches into the stable releases.

>BTW one idea I have as of recent is to consider using Hudson for automatic
>build testing for compat-wireless but haven't yet mucked with it. Eventually
>this will be more and more important as time goes by and we support older
>kernels. The goal is to at the *very least* always support down to the last
>stable 2.6 kernel listed on, today that is 2.6.27 and I think its
>a safe promise to commit to backporting *at least* to that kernel. We go
>beyond 2.6.27 though today.
This is a good idea!


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