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Subjectaf_unix unix_getname: return size for unnamed sockets too small?

In net/unix/af_unix.c::unix_getname() there is a small problem:

if (!u->addr) {
sunaddr->sun_family = AF_UNIX;
sunaddr->sun_path[0] = 0; // not copied out
*uaddr_len = sizeof(short);
} else {
struct unix_address *addr = u->addr;

*uaddr_len = addr->len;
memcpy(sunaddr, addr->name, *uaddr_len);

The if (!u->addr) case will not copy out the \0 in the sun_path, as
uaddr_len is just the size of sun_family.

(Shown by socat crashing after decoding gethostname return and expected
sun_path to be a valid string (and not seeing the \0)).

Should it perhaps be *uaddr_len = sizeof(short)+sizeof(char)?

Ciao, Marcus

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