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Subject[PATCH 0/5] perf, x86: perf, x86: Add support for AMD family 15h core counters
This patch set adds support for AMD family 15h core counters. Major
changes compared to family 10h counters are:

* Now there are separate northbridge and core counters that resides in
different MSR ranges (core: MSRC001_02[0B:00], nb:

* The MSR addresses of perfctr and evntsel registers are now located
side-by-side, we can not calculate the address with (base + index)

* There are 4 northbridge counters and 6 core counters.

* There are legacy aliases to old MSR counter addresses
(MSRC001_00[03:00] -> MSRC001_02[07:00] respectively).

* There are restrictions now that not all performance monitor events
can be counted on all counters.

We need to change MSR address handling of the x86 perf_event
implementation and also add more AMD event constraints to schedule

This patch set only adds core counters.


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