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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix EDD3.0 data verification.
On Wed, 02 Feb 2011, Gleb Natapov wrote:
> Check for nonzero path in edd_has_edd30() has no sense. First, it looks
> at the wrong memory. Device path starts at offset 30 of the info->params
> structure which is at offset 8 from the beginning of info structure, but
> code looks at info + 4 instead. This was correct when code was introduced,
> but around v2.6.4 three more fields were added to edd_info structure
> (commit 66b61a5c in history.git). Second, even if it will check correct
> memory it will always succeed since at offset 30 (params->key) there will
> be non-zero values otherwise previous check would fail.

Hmm, would that be a reason for boot lockups on some systems ? I've
seen that happen on Intel D875PBZ and Debian stable (2.6.26). We
dropped EDD support then.

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