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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] ptrace: make sure do_wait() won't hang after PTRACE_ATTACH
On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:20:52 +0100, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> Jan, please put on your gdb maintainer's hat, we need your opinion here.
> Is it a problem from gdb's POV?

Here is a summary of current and my wished behavior:

Make PTRACE_DETACH (data=SIGSTOP) working - that is to leave the process in
`T (stopped)' without any single PC step. This works in some kernels and
does not work in other kernels, it is "detach-stopped" test in:
cvs -d co ptrace-tests

The current upstream GDB trick of
if /proc/PID/status->State: == `T (stopped)'
waitpid->SIGSTOP (or preceded by some other signal but 1x SIGSTOP will come)
should remain compatible, as is implemented in:

Make the GDB trick above no longer needed, so that in the case it was invented
for a simple PTRACE_ATTACH, wait->SIGSTOP, PTRACE_DETACH(0) also works:
foreign process: kill(child process, SIGSTOP)
parent process: wait() -> SIGSTOP (the notification is now eaten-out)
child process is now in `T (stopped)'
debugger: PTRACE_ATTACH(child process)
debugger: waitpid -> should get SIGSTOP, even despite it was eaten-out above
This works in some kernels and does not work in other kernels.

A new proposal is to preserve the process's `T (stopped)' for
a naive/legacy debugger / ptrace tool doing PTRACE_ATTACH, wait->SIGSTOP,
PTRACE_DETACH(0), incl. GDB doing the "GDB trick" above.
That is after PTRACE_DETACH(0) the process should remain `T (stopped)'
iff the process was `T (stopped)' before PTRACE_ATTACH.
- PTRACE_DETACH(0) should preserve `T (stopped)'.
but also:
- PTRACE_DETACH(SIGSTOP) should force `T (stopped)'.
- PTRACE_DETACH(SIGCONT) should force freely running process.

The behavior of SIGSTOP and SIGCONT received during active ptrace session
I find as a new feature without having much to keep backward compatibibility.
You have concluded a plan how to do a real `T (stopped)' on received SIGSTOP
using PTRACE_GETSIGINFO, OK, go with that.
Personally I would keep it completely hidden from the debugger and only
remember the last SIGCONT vs. SIGSTOP for the case the session ends with
PTRACE_DETACH(0). Debugger/strace would not be able to display any externally
should behave as PTRACE_CONT(0) to clean up compatibility with existing tools.
For a general transparent tracing there is at least systemtap.


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