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SubjectRe: btrfs: compression breaks cp and cross-FS mv, FS_IOC_FIEMAP bug?
On 14/02/11 17:58, Marti Raudsepp wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 17:01, Chris Mason <> wrote:
>> Or, it could just be delalloc ;)
> I suspect delalloc. After creating the file, filefrag reports "1
> extent found", but for some reason it doesn't actually print out
> details of the extent.

That's a bug in `filefrag -v` that I noticed independently yesterday.
Without -v it will correctly report 0 extents.
I've already suggested a patch to fix upstream.

> After a "sync" call, the extent appears and "cp" starts working as expected:

About that sync.
I've noticed on ext4 loop back at least (and I suspect BTRFS is the same)
that specifying FIEMAP_FLAG_SYNC (which cp does) is ineffective.
I worked around this for cp tests by explicitly syncing with:
dd if=/dev/null of=foo conv=notrunc,fdatasync

> % rm -f foo bar
> % echo foo > foo
> % sync
> % filefrag -v foo
> Filesystem type is: 9123683e
> File size of foo is 4 (1 block, blocksize 4096)
> ext logical physical expected length flags
> 0 0 0 4096 not_aligned,inline,eof
> foo: 1 extent found
> % cp foo bar
> % hexdump bar
> 0000000 6f66 0a6f
> 0000004

OK that's fine for normal files.
cp (from coreutils >= 8.10) may still do the wrong thing
as I've already reported:
I'd appreciate some `filefrag -v` output from a large compressed file.

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