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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/1] [tegra] Make syncpt routines accessible by drivers
> If you want to use syncpts you should be an nvhost_driver link the dc.

Looking at drivers/video/tegra/dc, I notice that it gets access to the syncpt functions by using a relative path (../host/dev.h) to include dev.h, which in turn includes nvhost_syncpt.h (in drivers/video/tegra/host). Is this proper form?

This syncpt access is for a Tegra V4L2 driver, which will live in drivers/media/video. I was trying to avoid using relative paths for #includes. I assumed that the header files in drivers/video/tegra/host were not meant to be publicly available to other drivers, which is why I looked for some precedent in how nvhost functions were made available to other kernel drivers, hence I modeled this after nvmap.

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