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SubjectRe: calling smp_call_function_many() with non-stable CPU mask
> There are a couple of examples of smp_call_function_many() getting
> called with mm_cpumask() as the first argument. Since that mask
> generally can change while smp_call_function_many() is executing,
> it seems there might be a problem with the case where that mask
> becomes empty after the initial checks, but before the mask is made
> permanent (by copying into data->cpumask).
> Shouldn't there be a check of data->refs being zero right after
> setting it (to avoid having csd_lock_wait() wait for a remote CPU
> to clear the lock flag, and to avoid adding the entry to
> call_function.queue)?
> If that isn't considered necessary, is it then incorrect to pass
> in-flight CPU masks to smp_call_function_many() (and should
> this requirement then be documented somewhere, and the
> existing calls all be inspected for correctness)?

Mike Galbraith just brought this up, and I supplied a patch, and even
a rediff on top of other changes:

This doesn't address
which is x86 not expecting the mask to be cleared while its thinking
about the mask.


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