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SubjectRE: [RFC][PATCH] kmsg_dumper for NVRAM
> This looks like what Tony wanted, pstore.

Yes - this looks like another means to the same end (making console log
Available after a crash).

I wonder whether you could use my pstore file system interface
for this ... you'd need to write a backend that used EFI variable
space to save the pieces of a console log, in much the same way
that I used ERST to stash the pieces.

This might be a bit messy - but I think that it would be
worth doing in order to provide a single user interface
to the kmsg_dump on different architectures, regardless
of the underlying storage method used. I.e. the OS
vendors would just have to write startup scripts to glean
information from /dev/pstore and clear it by removing the
files there. Rather than having one set of scripts that
looks at EFI variables for machines that use that, a different
set for machines that have the sparc64 method of saving in
some special area of ram, and yet another set for a machine
that has some other motherboard magical non volatile storage
that hasn't been designed yet.


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