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SubjectRe: [PATCH 08/10] ptrace: participate in group stop from ptrace_stop() iff the task is trapping for group stop
On 01/28, Roland McGrath wrote:
> If
> there is a group stop in progress but not yet complete, then PTRACE_CONT
> on a thread in the group should probably just move it from TASK_TRACED
> to TASK_STOPPED without resuming it at all.
> Once a group stop is complete, then probably the ideal is that
> PTRACE_CONT would not resume a thread until a real SIGCONT cleared the
> job control stop condition.

Well. I agree. I even tried to mention this before.

Or, if PTRACE_CONT resumes the tracee it should clear SIGNAL_STOP_STOPPED.

> But it's likely that existing ptrace users
> have expectations contrary to that,

Sure ;)

Btw. I just realized that I didn't reply explicitly to this series.
Because I thought we already discussed everything and I have nothing
to add. I think that everything is technically correct. I mean, I
believe the patches do exactly what the changelog says.


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