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    SubjectRe: Locking in the clk API, part 2: clk_prepare/clk_unprepare
    On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 11:54:49AM +0100, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
    > Alternatively don't force the sleep in clk_prepare (e.g. by protecting
    > prepare_count by a spinlock (probably enable_lock)) and call clk_prepare
    > before calling clk->ops->enable?

    That's a completely bad idea. I assume you haven't thought about this
    very much.

    There's two ways I can think of doing what you're suggesting:

    int clk_prepare(struct clk *clk)
    unsigned long flags;
    int ret = 0;


    spin_lock_irqsave(&clk->enable_lock, flags);
    if (clk->prepare_count++ == 0)
    ret = clk->ops->prepare(clk);
    spin_unlock_irqrestore(&clk->enable_clock, flags);

    return ret;

    The problem is that clk->ops->prepare() is called in a non-sleepable
    context. So this breaks the whole idea of clk_prepare(), and so isn't
    a solution.

    The other solution is:

    int clk_prepare(struct clk *clk)
    unsigned long flags;
    int ret = 0;
    bool first;


    spin_lock_irqsave(clk->enable_lock, flags);
    first = clk->prepare_count++ == 0;
    spin_unlock_irqrestore(clk->enable_clock, flags);

    if (first)
    ret = clk->ops->prepare(clk);

    return ret;

    The problem with this is that you now don't have any sane locking on
    the prepare callback, and the circumstances under which it's called
    are very indefinite. For example, consider a preempt-enabled system:

    thread 1 thread 2 prepare_count
    clk_prepare 0
    clk->prepare_count++ 1
    <thread switch>
    clk_prepare 1
    clk->prepare_count++ 2
    clk_prepare returns 2

    clk_enable 2
    <explodes as clock is not prepared>
    <thread switch>

    So really, what you're suggesting is completely broken.
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