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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Fixed proposal to add dynamic debug feature for print_hex_dump
Hello Joe,

On Friday, 14.January.2011 19:19:06 Joe Perches wrote:

> A high percentage of these print_hex_dump() uses are
> (,,, 16, 1, buf, len, true) so there's some value
> in doing this.

I found some calls using 16 and 32 bit words to dump their data, e.g.
in UBIFS, NFC, USB IP, MTD Tests and libata, so I think we should
rather ask the callers to add the "16, 1," for byte dumps instead of
rendering hex_dump_xx unusable in quite some cases by defaulting to
byte dumps.

> I suggest simplifying naming to just hex_dump_<level>.


> Adding a hex_dump_printk function to hexdump.c

If the first of the following two patches will be accepted I can work
on that issue.


Roman Fietze Telemotive AG Buero Muehlhausen
Breitwiesen 73347 Muehlhausen
Tel.: +49(0)7335/18493-45

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