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SubjectRe: [tip:x86/apic] x86: Add NumaChip support
On 12/8/2011 23:35, Kevin Winchester wrote:
> On 6 December 2011 01:50, Ingo Molnar<> wrote:
>> Ideally i think c->phys_proc_id should should be available
>> regardless of CONFIG_SMP or CONFIG_NUMA considerations - but
>> that would be a wider change. (feel free to have a shot at it
>> though, in addition to the fix above)
> If Steffen does not plan to do this additional cleanup, I would give
> it a try. You would likely prefer the changes against -tip, correct?

Hi Kevin,

I didn't want to mess around with it too much in this round (I'm more of
a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kinda guy), but if the consensus is
that this should be done, please feel free to give it a try :)

Kind regards,
Steffen Persvold, Chief Architect NumaChip
Numascale AS -
Tel: +47 92 49 25 54 Skype: spersvold

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