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    SubjectRE: [PATCH v6 04/10] arm/tegra: prepare early init for multiple tegra variants
    Peter De Schrijver wrote at Thursday, December 08, 2011 5:44 AM:
    > This patch splits the early init code in a common and a tegra20 specific part.
    > L2 cache initialization is generalized and discovers the cache associativity
    > at runtime. Also use arm_pm_restart instead of arm_arch_reset and reset the
    > the system using the PMC reset feature rather then the CAR system reset.

    This one really should be at least 3 separate patches:
    * s/tegra_init_early/tegra20_init_early/ in machine descriptions
    * Switch reset mechanism from CAR to PMC
    * tegra_init_cache modifications
    * Not sure if all the ifdef additions go in the above, or if some should be

    Still, I think it's probably OK to go in as it is even if it isn't optimal.


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