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    SubjectRe: [Page Allocator] when is init_per_zone_wmark_min called to first initialize the watermarks, reserved memory etc?
    2011/12/6 zhihua che <>:
    > Hi, everyone
    >        I'm reading the linux kernel codes, and now focusing on memory
    > management. I came across a simple problem:).
    >        I know the every zone keeps three water marks to control the
    > allocator's behavior and I find the three watermarks is initialized in
    > init_per_zone_wmark_min.
    > Unfortunately, I can't find when this function is called FIRSTduring
    > the kernel booting process. I searched the source codes using LXR and
    > cscope and got nothing.
    > I guess I missed something but I have no any idea.
    > harvey.

    Maybe I'm closer the truth:-)
    I find this function is defined as a module entry function (I should'v
    found this earlier). As far as I know module entry functions are
    called at the end of start_kernel() by rest_init(), whereas page
    allocator / buddy system is used before they are called. For example,
    __get_free_pages() is called in kmem_cache_init() which in turn is
    called in start_kernel() earlier than rest_init().

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