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SubjectKernel tarballs missing from the archive?
(Please CC me, I'm not subscribed)

Hi folks,

since is back online, I'm missing a number of kernel tarballs
on the mirrors. In particular, I'm interested in the
file, which seems to have disappeared from [1]. The
linux-2.6.21.tar.gz still exists, but none of its subversions.


I've (indirectly) inquired about this with (see
attached mail), but received no reply. It seems the broken links I
reported in the mail were fixed (by removing them altogether).

In any case, I'm wondering if the removal of these images is accidental
and they should be replaced, or if its intentional as part of the "rearchitecting" (for which I couldn't find any documentation

I could imagine that the point releases of older versions getting
removed to clean up / save space, but it seems the 2.6.11.x versions are
still present, so that doesn't support that theory. In addition, I'd
argue it makes more sense to keep the latest point release (
instead of / in addition to the base release (2.6.21) as a compromise.

So, anyone know what's happening here?


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