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SubjectRe: Android low memory killer vs. memory pressure notifications
(12/19/11 5:39 AM), Alan Cox wrote:
>> The main downside of this approach is that mem_cg needs 20 bytes per
>> page (on a 32 bit machine). So on a 32 bit machine with 4K pages
>> that's approx. 0.5% of RAM, or, in other words, 5MB on a 1GB machine.
> The obvious question would be why? Would fixing memcg make more sense ?

Just historical reason. Initial memcg implement by IBM was just crap.
People need very long time to fix it.

> The only problem I see with having a user space manager is that manager
> probably has to be mlock to avoid awkward fail cases and that may in fact
> make it smaller kernel side.

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