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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 18/25] dynamic_debug: Introduce global fake module param module.ddebug
    > I think you're missing a neat trick here: we should be able to handle
    > ddebug in the handle_unknown parameter to parse_args().
    > Or am I missing something?

    Jason suggested that too, offlist.
    I pretty much agreed, but wanted to get the 1st 17 sent.

    What gave me pause was this:
    pr_debug("Unknown argument: calling %p\n", handle_unknown);

    it made me think about a common handler to deal with it 1st,
    before the /* Find parameter */ loop, so that modules couldnt hijack
    the dyndbg param, defeating the common handler.
    OTOH, the BUILD_BUG_DECL prevents that hijack.

    Maybe the best answer is silence the print when param is properly handled.

    if (handle_unknown) {
    int rc = handle_unknown(param, val);
    if (rc)
    pr_debug("Unknown argument: calling %p\n",
    return rc;

    I'll do this shortly, see how it works out..

    > Thanks,
    > Rusty.

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