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    SubjectRe: [BUG?]3.0-rc4+ftrace+kprobe: set kprobe at instruction 'stwu' lead to system crash/freeze
    On Thu, 2011-12-01 at 18:44 +0800, tiejun.chen wrote:

    > Do you mean we should push the original pt_regs (or that whole exception stack)
    > downwards the location the new r1 point? Then its safe to perform this real
    > emulated stw instruction. At last we will reroute r1 to that copied exception
    > frame to restore as normal. Right?

    Right. That way we don't have to modify the (sensitive) restore path, we
    only hook around the do_work branch which is a lot easier and less

    > Here I suppose so, I implement this for PPC32 based on the above understanding.
    > I take a validation for kprobing do_fork()/show_interrupts(), now looks fine.
    > Tomorrow I will go PPC64, and hope its fine as well.
    > If everything is good I'll send these patches to linuxppc-dev next week.

    Excellent, thanks !


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