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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mmc: convert drivers/mmc/host/* to use module_platform_driver()
Hi Axel, Micha,

On Fri, Nov 25 2011, Axel Lin wrote:
> This patch converts the drivers in drivers/mmc/host/* to use the
> module_platform_driver() macro which makes the code smaller and a bit
> simpler.

This makes cb710_mmc unhappy:

/home/cjb/git/mmc/drivers/mmc/host/cb710-mmc.c:783:1: warning: data definition has no type or storage class [enabled by default]
/home/cjb/git/mmc/drivers/mmc/host/cb710-mmc.c:783:1: warning: type defaults to ‘int’ in declaration of ‘module_platform_driver’ [-Wimplicit-int]
/home/cjb/git/mmc/drivers/mmc/host/cb710-mmc.c:783:1: warning: parameter names (without types) in function declaration [enabled by default]
/home/cjb/git/mmc/drivers/mmc/host/cb710-mmc.c:773:31: warning: ‘cb710_mmc_driver’ defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]

- Chris.
Chris Ball <> <>
One Laptop Per Child
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